Professional Supply Chain Services

We have deepened the layout of the global supply chain and formed a stable supply chain of high-quality fruits at home and abroad. It has fruit business in 40 countries and regions around the world and links more than 100 domestic fruit growing bases through planting, acquisition, cooperation and equity participation.

Omni-channel Distribution

In China, we have a fruit omni-channel distribution network and more than 10 cold chain logistics centers to provide customers with comprehensive solutions of products and services. Serving fresh and safe fruit to more than one million families.

Product Development & Brand Marketing

With the development goals of category leading, high quality, scale and sustainable development, we provide product commercialization and product mix solutions according to customers' needs. With "high-end, healthy and energetic" as the brand keynote, we have vansten Apple, vansten durian, vansten pear, vansten coconut green, vansten banana and other well-known products

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